Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lab 6

Today is our last day at St. Mary's. Its kinda sad because we have gotten to know a lot of the kids over the semester.

Today's theme is Easter. Our group did a relay game in the cafeteria. We set up a Easter basket in the middle of the room with plastic Easter eggs in it. The eggs had paper with different tasks written on them inside. We had two hula hoops at either side of the Easter basket with half of the group at each hoop. The object of the game was to run to the Easter basket, pick an egg and do the task back to the hula hoop and put the egg in the hoop. Then the next person goes and does the same until the eggs are gone. The group with the most eggs win. We also had music for this game. The kids really enjoyed this game and they got really into it. The only problem with this game was that the kids were fighting over the bunny ears our group were wearing.

Overall I thought today went really well and the kids had a lot of fun.

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