Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab 1

Today was my first visit to St. Mary’s other than the training session that we had to attend. The kids were full of energy and eager to see what we had in store for them. At first it was difficult to get them to quiet down but eventually we got them seated in a circle to explain to them what we were doing. We started off with some tag games. When the kids seemed to get board with the games we added new variations to keep the games exciting. I feel that the kids especially enjoyed the crab walk and bear-crawl tag game. The students thought it was funny to see the college students crawling around the floor with them. This got some of the kids that were sitting out to get up and join in on the fun. After our time in the gym we went down to the cafeteria to get to know the kids a little better. During this time I was the score keeper in Cameron and John’s game of checkers. I learned what their favorite sports were and why and about their favorite subject in school. Overall today was a good experience and I am excited to see how things work out next week.

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