Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab 3

I was excited coming into lab this week because we had a superheroes theme. I felt that we could get the kids that usually wanted to sit out excited about acting like superheroes. For this weeks game my group played endless bucket. The object of this game was to grab a card out of one of the 4 buckets we had, then go to the station where the activity on the card was located, then perform the skill. We decided to make 10 cards each with superhero themes. I put superhero pictures on the cards I made in an attempt to get the kids excited about performing their tasks. Some of our stations included throwing balls at pictures of villains, jumping up high like superman, and sliding along the wall like Spiderman. Most of the kids were excited about being superheroes, however, some were not. I told the kids that didn’t want to pretend to be superheroes that they could pretend to be villains. This worked well and got more kids to participate because they had a choice.

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