Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lab 4

Today's theme at St. Mary's was food. My group organized a "popcorn" game. We broke the students into three groups. One group was behind the "popcorn maker" which was a series of mats that we stood up in a wall. The other two groups stood by their "popcorn bowls" which were hula hoops. The object of the game was to catch the balls that the "popcorn makers" threw over the "popcorn maker" and put them in your popcorn bowl. However, if you dropped the ball that the popcorn makers threw you had to throw it back over the top of the mats. The kids had alot of fun with this game. They liked the change of enviornment when we rotated and they could go from the popcorn bowl to the popcorn machine.

After our popcorn game we remained up in the gym and worked with the older students. We played the game "SPUD". This game kept them entertained for a long time. We put different variations on the game to keep it inyteresting. One variation we tried didnt work so we quickly moved on. This made me realize that not every variation will work but its not a bad thing to try new things. If it doesn't work you can just move on.

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