Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pros and Cons of Dodgeball

Dodge ball is a great game to get students involved in Physical Education Class. It raises the student’s heart rate and encourages them to strategize to stay in the game. Many students love the game of dodge ball however, many students do not. For the students that do not enjoy dodge ball, phys ed class is an awful experience. They are easy targets for their more skilled classmates.

Dodge ball can also be very dangerous if the rules are not clearly stated and the proper equipment is not used. If a student is hit in the head with a rubber ball they can be seriously injured. There has even been a case where a child died due to a dodge ball accident.

There are a number of things that Physical Education teachers can do to keep the game of dodge ball both safe and enjoyable for their students. One thing teachers can do to ensure safety is to use foam balls. Foam balls do not travel with the speed and force that rubber balls do. Teachers can also create variations of dodge ball such as making the target something other than the students themselvs such as a cone or something the students are holding. This will reduce the risk that a student gets injured by another student throwing the ball directly at them.
Dodge ball should not be completely eliminated from the school systems but measures must be taken to keep the students safe.