Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab 2

I felt more prepared going into lab today because of my experiences last week. My group, The Wild and Crazy Kids, prepared a gamed called “Zany Zoo” for lab this week. In this game we had three different hula hoops with a series of cards with animal walks on them in the center of the gymnasium. We then organized the students into 6 lines, one at each end of the hula hoops. The object of the game was to go to the hula hoop and pick a card with an animal walk written on it then do that walk back to your group and get at the end of the line. One member of our group was at each hula hoop and we had two others that helped to keep the lines organized. This made me think about playing this game in my physical education class someday and how I would have to adapt myself to play the same game with out the help of four others to keep things flowing. The kids were really into this game and they enjoyed making animal noises as they walked back to their lines. They thought it to be especially funny when we make animal noises with them as they were doing their animal walks. After our game we went to the preschool classrooms. I read a book to all of the students. It was difficult to keep them all seated so everyone could see the pictures because they all wanted to be right in my face as I read. To fix this issue I told them I would not read until they were all seated. This worked because they wanted to hear the story. After this we went into the gymnasium with them and set up an obstacle course. I feel that the obstacle course was a great activity because it kept the kids moving and they had a blast.

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